What Coast2Coast Sweden is - and what it is not

Coast2Coast Sweden is a social hike across Sweden, from the eastern coast of the Baltic in Kalmar to the western coast in Varberg. The distance is slightly over 400 kilometers. Coast2Coast Sweden has been a yearly event in May since 2013, when the first multinational group of people walked from Kalmar Castle to the Varberg Fortress.
Coast2Coast Sweden was started by Jörgen Johansson (left) and Jonas Hållén in 2013. Jonas left the event in 2017.
The Coast2Coast Sweden walking event 2017 took place between Sunday May 14 and Saturday May 27 2017. No dates or agenda is set for 2018. It will be announced here and on the Facebook group Coast2Coast Sweden.

This is Coast2Coast Sweden

Coast2Coast Sweden is perfect if you:
  • Want to train for really long hikes. Maybe for The Camino de Santiago or the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • Want to learn more about lightweight and ultralight backpacking, as described in Jörgen's books about Smarter Backpacking
  • Want to develop gear strategies for long hikes
  • Want to experience and practice hiking 35-40 kilometers per day
  • Want to develop their food system for long hikes
  • Want to test doing a long hike in good, safe and experienced company
  • Want to test doing a long hike on your own and still enjoy the company of others in the evenings
  • Want to walk through a lush, green countryside studded with red cottages
  • Want to walk a trail without steep hills and deep valleys
  • Want to challenge yourself mentally and physically
  • Want to walk through a beautiful part of Sweden, the area of Astrid Lindgrens classical books
  • Want to have a holiday experience you will never forget
  • Want to have a lot of laughs
Communications for getting to Kalmar and from Varberg are very good, with trains and buses and airports in the vicinity. And you do not have to walk the entire 400 kilometers for 14 days. You can join in some places and leave in some places along the trail.

Coast2Coast Sweden goes through forest on small roads in many places

The Jonas, Jörgen and Franziska system at Coast2Coast Sweden 2017

If you want to walk fast, take few breaks and push yourself you join Jonas and his gang and arrive in camp in late afternoon. Strong feet, light shoes and a light pack are essential in this group.

If you want to take your time you join Franziska and her group. Here you walk for about 50 minutes and rest for about 10 minutes every hour. Eating snacks, drinking water and letting your feet see the sun is what you do during breaks. You stop and cook a meal for lunch and arrive in camp in the evening. "We get there when we get there" is the mantra.

Along the trail Jörgen will have some workhops where he will share the knowledge about lightweight backpacking that he has poured into his books about Smarter Backpacking (to be found on Amazon)

You can also alternate between the groups or walk in between them sometimes. And sometimes not. It is up to you. There is a lot of freedom and we do not hike in a single line. Everybody is responsible for themselves and even if Jonas, Franziska and Jörgen will help and guide you, they will not carry your pack :-)

In other places we walk through a countyside with houses, farms and meadows in bloom

Coast2Coast Sweden is probably not for you...

  • If you are not used to hiking hiking 20 kilometers per day with a pack
  • If you have a backpack that weighs more than 10 kilos before you add food and water
  • If you have never slept outside in a tent or a tarp 
  • If you do not have a sleeping bag rated at 0 degrees Celsius
  • If you are not prepared to sleep outside in a tent or a tarp most of the nights
  • If you are not ready to carry and cook all the food you need in order to stay in good spirits
  • If you want a packaged tour with tour leaders that cater to your every whim
  • If you want spectacular mountain scenery with steep hills and deep valleys
  • If you do not like a lot of laughs

We do not want to scare you off...

You had better believe that Coast2Coast Sweden will be an unforgettable experience. How many of those do you have in your life? Here are some hightlights from previous events.

Morning under the tarp

"Kanelbulle" is a significant part of Coast2Coast Sweden

This hike is hard on feet and boots

At Kosta Outlet, after three days, it has become a tradtion to buy trail runners and send you boots home.

One of the true highligths along the route is when we cross Store Mosse (The Big Moor) National Park.

Sauna at lake Borlangen

The Monks Trail on a very wet year.

Our oldest participant so far, 78 years old, in front of Sweden's biggest tourist attraction (we are ashamed to admit), the huge discount store at Ullared.

The first Coasttocoasties, class of '13, on the beach in Varberg.
You will find a lot more information about preparations and what can happen on the trail in this website. Feel free to browse. More info on C2C 2018 will follow.

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