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Coast2Coast Sweden this year will take a different route from the east coast of Sweden to the west coast. We start from Sölvesborg on June 2 at 1300 hours and finish in Båstad on June 11 2018.  We will not walk from Kalmar to Varberg, but think the header to this homepage is too beautiful to be removed.

You register by sending an e-mail to info@coast2coastsweden. Note: If you are interested in doing half Coast2Coast, starting in Vittsjö and finishing in Båstad you contact More information about cost and what is included below. It is also importan to read this entry about what C2C Sweden is and what it is not.

-Hiking in June will mean warmer nights with less risk of frost than previous C2C hikes that were done in May. This version of C2C will be slightly shorter (230 kilometers) than previous years. Daily mileages will also be less demanding, but do not let this fool you. Hiking continuously for 20-30 kilometer every day, for more than 10 days straight, is a strenous activivity and not for the inexperienced and out-of-shape backpacker.

-The trail will (mostly) follow Skåneleden (Skane Trail) between Sölvesborg and Båstad. This is a well established trail since 40 years. We will take advantage of prepared campsites on most nights. This means there will be a fireplace and a wooden lean-to, with three walls and a roof. Other hikers on the trail will also use these campsites, so you must bring your own shelter/tent.

-You will receive maps, GPX-files and guides from us, all you need in order to navigate the trail. You must be prepared to manage this on your own. This is not a guided trip where all participants move as one group. You are free to team up with others in bigger or smaller groups or hike on your own as you wish in order to develop your long distance hiking skills. However theere will be three cicerones, Maria, Franziska and Jörgen from Coast2Coast Sweden, hiking with you and keeping an eye out, making sure that everyone reaches camp each night.

-You will receive information as well as advice on suitable places to resupply and how much food you need to carry between resupply options. Here on the C2C home page you will find lots of information about suitable gear if you look under the heading Gear, or make a search.

-On a number of nights there will be campfire talks about gear and techniques for long distance hiking and wilderness travel. Jörgen, who has written a number of books about lightweight backpacking in English and Swedish, will give a brief overview of the subject and then move into question-and-answers and a general discussion where all participants share their knowledge.

-Walking with any of our guides during the day will give plenty of opportunities to talk gear, hiking and the general health and happiness benefits that trekking brings. You will be able to draw from the diverse experiences of our guides, ranging from forest to mountain, from Mallorca to Alaska, from illness to well being.

-At the end of the trail in Båstad, we will stay the night in a villa by the sea, where showers, clean sheets and a Victory Dinner is included in the price. And so is breakfast and cleaning in the morning, no less attractive we presume.

-Taking part in the C2C 2018 will cost 3 500 SEK including VAT. As you register we will require a deposit of 500 SEK. Final payment should be made at the latest on May 2, 30 days before the event. Please look at the detailed conditions in English here or in Swedish here. When you have registered you will receive detailed information about the route and other things.

-NEW. You can also join the thruhikers in Vittsjö on Thursday June 7 and walk to Båstad, taking part in the Victory Dinner on Sunday and sleeping in bed until Monday June 11. Cost: 1900 SEK including VAT. See link to detailed conditions above. Contact:

-You register by sending an e-mail to or to for the event Half Coast2Coast Sweden. Name, address, e-mail address and phone number (preferably mobile phone) must be submitted. When we have received this and the deposit you are registered. You will be able to pay using PayPal, Swish or bank transfer.  See detailed conditions linked to above. We will reply with details once we receive your request.

-Note that travel to and from the start in Sölvesborg and the finish in Båstad is not included. Food along the route is also not included, the exception being the Victory Dinner. If you decide to sleep indoors (which will not be practical/possible on most nights), you pay for this yourself.

-We will only take 20 hikers on this event and all is on a first come, first served basis. If you want to go, register as soon as you can. If we are fully booked we can put you on a waiting list in case there are cancellations.

-NEW. We want to give top priority to those who want to hike the entire distance. However, we will most likely be able to accomodate a limited number of hikers who want to join us for part of the trek. Exactly how many and for which parts of the route we cannot determine right now. Please send an e-mail to and let us now on what dates you would like to participate.

Your cicerones on C2C 2018

Jorgen Johansson has been captured by the mountains since his early teens and is drawn to solo hikes in the huge wilderness areas to be found in Alaska and Northern Canada. Jörgen has written a number of books about lightweight backpacking, in English you will find the "Smarter Backpacking" series. In Swedish a second edition of his classic Vandra Fjäderlätt was published in 2017. Jörgen is contributing editor at the US e-zine and writes as "hiking expert" in Swedish Utemagasinet.

Franziska Kaufmann is a German living in Sweden and working as a teacher of French.2018 will be her third year on Coast2Coast Sweden, but she has also hiked in other parts of Sweden, including the mountains. European long distance trail are another favorite. She has crossed the French Alps on GR52a, hiked the Chemin the Stevenson and travelled The Camino with students, to name a few.
Maria Atterving rediscovered hiking on a rainy day in 2012. After a period of illness and chronic pain, hiking and a number of life style changes became a turning point for her.Since then Maria has spent numerous nights outdoors in the forests and mountains of Sweden, Norway and California.Today Maria is virtually free from symptoms and spends her spare time hiking; solo and in groups.
Welcome to Coast2Coast Sweden - an experience you will not forget!