Trail Angels of the year

First and foremost: Martin och Christina, our mobile super-Trail Angels. Best catering ever this year. The filé of pork with chanterelles at Grönö was great, but the Babaganosh at Hössjön was this years favorite, according to several hikers.

Thanks, Martin and Christina for your great food and hard work!

Per-Erik Johansson in Brändebomåla. This was C2Cs first camp last year, and this year as well. Per-Erik arranged so we had a good spot to camp, water and access to his outhouse. Big thanks!

Örsjö IF – here represented by Petter Wåhlin, chairman, and Johan Karlsson – for having us at the football field and opening up the club’s facilities. The guys says they will hike with C2C next year. Hope to see you!

At Grönösjön Runo Jonsson let us put up our tent just by the beautiful lake. Last year he joined us for dinner, this year he was away hiking himself. Thanks for the hospitality, Runo.

Emma Lindbladh opened up her paddock with minimal notice the fourth night. She even offered her saddle chamber to a couple of frozen hikers and asked the rest of us if we wanted to sleep in the barn. Emma and her husband ”Dulle” welcomes us back next year and we are very happy about that.

The municipality of Värnamo – here represented by the chairman of the municipality board, Hans-Göran Johansson – invited us to a three course dinner, snacks and soft drinks. What a welcome!

Elisabeth Petterson and the rest of Lars–Birger’s family met up at the windshield at  Eskilstorpasjön and made us a barbecue. Afterwards we got fika with homemade kanelbulle. We met Elisabeth during our first C2C, at the same windshield, and she gave us kanelbulle also that first time. It was actually here at Eskilstorpasjön the "kanelbulle-legend" that now permeates C2C was born.

Fact is that C2C-hiker Lars-Birger is a Trail Angel, too: he was part of the team that built the windshield.

Martin Sanell - always there when you need him. A sure stop in Nennesmo, with fika and hot dogs. Our most used resupply station.

Malevil Ljunggren & Michael Sanell (picture). This year they couldn’t participate in the building and use of the mobile sauna, but the supplied us with the goods. Big hugs and cheers, guys!

Two other important people in the sauna construction were C2C-veterans John Wislander and Christine Elisabeth who went ahead to Borlången and raised the tent, installed the stove and generally made everything ready.
The Fire Chief
Rolf Bernroth met us, very fikasugna and disappointed, in Burseryd. We had nowhere to get a decent coffee and were hanging out at a bus stop. He said: ”I’ll catch up with you on the trail.” Half an hour later he came drivning with fika. and a promise: ”Next year I’ll arrange fika in my garden.” Thanks, Rolf, you made us believe in Burseryd again!

Malin, Sofia and Lotta invited us for or annual coffee at Lantmännen’s in Grimeton. Always appreciated with that last stop before Varberg. Thanks, ladies.

Hans Lillhage - for welcoming us to Varberg with…kanelbulle. A welcome is worth so much, Hans. We had a great stay at the hostel in the fortress and hope to see you standing there waiting for us next year.

Also we'd like to extend our gratitude to the landowners at Hössjön and Borlången and several other people along the way who cheered for us, helped us and generally made our hiking easier.

Hope to see you all next year!