Trail Celebrities of the Year

Another year, another set of memories. We had great fun and of course some things stand out more than others. Time for C2C's equivalent of the Oscar: Trail Celebrities of the Year. 

Chefs of the Year: Martin and Christina and their Fieldkitchen 102. 

Color Explosion of the Year: Christine Elisabeth. 

Party of the Year: the mobile sauna at Borlången.

Disappointment of the Year: Ica in Burseryd was closed! No Gunilla. No ice-cream. No cheese.

Camp of the Year: Ossingssjön or Jocke & Jonas (depends what you mean with camp;-)

Elves of the Year: Åsa & Gustav.

Hardest trekking ladies of the Year: Gitten, Monica & Ann-Margret.

Shitjob of the Year: Börje got it...

Performance of the Year: Ingmar, the oldest, 69, and with the heaviest backpack. Hiked every meter, the last days on Voltaren.

Pastry of the year: Guess what..? Kanelbulle!

Love at first step: Carsten’s kissing his favourite surface.

Animal of the Year: Lycka, two times Coast2Coastie!

Trailfinder of the year: Poul, who was on his way home to Denmark when the rest of us headed north for Skuggebo.

This Years Farbror Bosse: Jörgen telling the kids to go lighter.

Tent of the year: Backpacker 1, 399 SEK on XXL.

Blisters of the Year: Everybody got them. Sabine's showing off her collection.

Hardrock Halleluljah of the Year: Bass!


Mattias said...

Carsten having a umbrella with silver coating! Is it of the german brand "Euroshirm"? I have my own trekking-umbrella model Light Trek from Euroshirm.

Jonas Hållén said...

He's having the Golite dome

Anonymous said...

Not everybody got blisters, I was so lucky to go without them this year and last year as well. Was very pleased with that. Marianne

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