Sauna fever!

The Swedish mobile forrest sauna, one of the top events of Coast2Coast Sweden 2013, will be back. 

This year the sauna is further developed and include a pimped party tent with plastic windows and room for at least a dozen punters.

The heat comes from an old military stove, surrounded by stones, placed on iron bars. Plastic chairs will serve as seating.

We’ve been working a full year to refine the concept, says Michael Sanell, sauna aficionado and one of the architects behind the Swedish mobile forrest sauna.

It will be set up on the shores of Borlången, on the night of May 28th, day 11 of C2C. There will be nude swimming, beer, grilled sausages and general chaos to go with the heat in the sauna. 

Michael Sanell and Malevil Ljunggren created their first mobile sauna some six years ago. It was a simple tent with poles as seating and plastic on the outside. This year’s version is the fifth.

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