2015 Maps and trail description for sale

We're now offering you a package of maps and a trail guide in English that will cost 300 SEK (plus VAT 25%). As soon as you have payed into our PayPal account we will e-mail you an invitation to a Dropbox account where you will be able to download the maps and the trail guide.

The map will have our route and every campsite marked. Two A4 printouts will cover one day of hiking. You can print on the paper of your choice, be it waterproof or almst waterproof or something more suitable for use as toiletpaper when you no longer need it as a map. You can also print on both sides and then only need one paper per day of hiking.

There will also be a trail description/trail guide giving some basic info on the trail, terrain and road. This written trail guide offers a description of trail conditions and terrain plus some cultural and historic tidbits about the area we are walking through. It will also have a fairly exhaustive, part about resources for every day, where availability of water, lodgings, eating places and stores for resupply will be covered. For 2015 we have spent some time and effort on trying to find lodgings in the vicinity of every night camp, since we know that some hikers prefer to sleep inside. The guide is only available in English.

The trail guide will be available as a pdf and as a Word-document. Word means that you can change the layout, font size or whatever to suit  your own printing preferences and minimize the number of pages you have to bring on the hike. The document can of course also be download into a smartphone or similar device.
The maps are pdf:s of ”Terrängkartan” in scale 1:50 000 and can be downloaded to your computer and then printed the way you prefer. There is also a gpx-file in the map package that can be downloaded to your device. You can use that instead of the printed maps or as a complement.

The price is for this map and guide package is 300 SEK plus VAT. When you payment has arrived via PayPal I will e-mail you a link to Dropbox, from where the files can be downloaded.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jörgen,
I cant find the gpx-file mention in the text, could you please add the link.

Jonas Hållén said...

The GPX-file is in our Dropbox. When you pay for the package you'll get access to the box. If you still have a problem finding the file, I can mail it to you, best regards, Jonas

Jörgen Johansson said...

I have changed the text, about the gpx-file being free. That was a left over from last year. Sorry about that.

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