The troublesome day 4

Do you want to be in the front, the middle or in the rear? When we start our hiking towards Växjö day 5 we will settle for the middle ground. But for early risers or hikers who want have a slower pace there are options.

Day 4 we will start from our camp at Grönösjön and walk 22 km to Kvarnsjön (see map), about 10 km west of Kosta. From there it's a 30 km hike to Växjö.

A more scenic camp site that day would be Hedasjön, some 5 km's before Kvarnsjön. There you have a nice lawn to camp on and a small beach by the beautiful lake. But stopping at Hedasjön will give you a 35 km walk to Växjö the next day.

If you want to be sure to get an easier hike to Växjö arrive there earlier we have third option at Norra Klerebohult. From that site it's 27 km to Växjö.

At Kvarnsjön there's a little stream running under a bridge just before our camp. At Norra Klerebohult and Hedasjön there is no water.

Our advice is to fill upp your bottles in Kosta. Hopefully Martin will also be able to provide us with fresh water with the C2C-car (but never count on it!).

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