C2C 2014 in Google

Hi, there, we now got the C2C route 2014 in Google Maps. That means you can get a rough view were we're going. It also means that you can download a KML-file from Google, convert it to a GPX-file and export it to your GPS (for more information, go here).

Printable maps in scale 1:50 000 will be released soon. They're done, but we have to put them in a Dropbox and start a Paypal account for payment. We're on that task next week.

Visa C2C Kalmar to Varberg 2014 på en större karta

We are basically walking the same trail as last year, but there has been some changes: less asphalt and more trails, shorter distances in the beginning and more camping sites close to lakes. We simply try to stay closer to nature and find a route that is more scenic and less hard on the feet.

As mentioned above we will be offering you pdf-files in A4-format, from the Swedish Mapping Agency (Lantmäteriet). These maps are the original ”Terrängkartan” in scale 1:50 000 and can be downloaded to your computer and then printed the way you prefer.

This package of maps and trail guide will cost 300 Swedish crowns, or 35 Euro.

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