Back to the roots

We had some exciting plans together with Växjö. Now we have some exciting plans on our own. 

Things doesn't always pan out the way you expect. But sometimes they turn out pretty good – or even better – than the original plan.

Coast2Coast Sweden and television meteorologist Pia Hultgren will NOT be lecturing about health and hiking in Växjö on March 11. 

Unfortunately the original program with Växjö is off this time, due to reasons beyond our control.

But, as you who hiked with us last year know, we are masters of adaption. When things get rough we do what hikers always have done in tricky situations: we sit down, have a cup of coffee and think things over.

This one sure took us a couple of cups but here's our solution:

We WILL have a lecture about health and hiking in Växjö 18.30 March 11, but we will relocate to Outnorth's soon to be opened shop at Willans Park 3 in downtown Växjö. 

Pia will stay at home, but Jörgen will be speaking on the theme carry lighter, walk further”. Outnorth will show some selected gear and, hey, we will even have some kanelbulle for the brave ones.

We hope to fill the shop with employees from Växjö municipality, but if there's enough space others are welcome, too. However, there is a limited number of places so please send an e-mail to if you plan to be there.

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