15 percent off

Hi, there! We can now offer all registered participants of Coast2Coast Sweden 2014 a 15 percent discount at outdoor retailer and our sponsor Outnorth. The offer is for non-discounted products and valid until June 30th 2014. We will mail you the campaign code a s a p.

Special prize for you, my friend!

This year we have made deals with several hotels and hostels along the C2C and can now offer you discounts on lodging in Kalmar, Växjö, Fegen and Varberg.

All prices are including VAT.

Slottshotellet in Kalmar: Alternative 1, low budget: 1 person 696 SEK per night (100 SEK discount), 2 persons 795 SEK (200 SEK discount). All rooms have free Wi-Fi, TV and bath. 

Alternative 2, standard: Single: 995 SEK (200 SEK discount). Double: 1195 SEK (200 SEK discount).

Included: lodging, breakfast & free coffee, tea in the lounge. The hotel inivites all guests to a light dinner every evening.

Dinner for non-guests: 95 SEK. The offer is valid until April 17. Book your room on +46480 88 260. Reference: Coast2Coast.

Hotell Svanen in the outskirts of central Kalmar. Offers a 100 SEK discount per night on all rooms, both in the hotel and the hostel. Call or mail Svanen for more details. Reference: Coast2Coast.

Växjö City Hostel. 10 percent reduction to registered participants of C2C. That means 200 SEK per person in doubles or rooms with four beds. Dormitory is 170 SEK. Additional charge for sheets: 60 SEK. Sleeping bags are not allowed in the beds.

Book on-line or by phone +4670 77 61 90. To get the reduction you have to registered with us and write that in the booking form. The hostel will reduce the prize manually.

Hotell Esplanad, Växjö. Offers 5-20 percent discounts to C2C. Single: 670 SEK. Double: 840 SEK. Triple: 1100 SEK.
Singles with shower and WC in hall: 560 SEK. Doubles with shower and WC in hall: 720 SEK. Triples with shower and WC in hall: 960 SEK.

Breakfast, parking, Wi-Fi, coffee/the and cookies are included in the prices. No smoking inside the hotel. No porno in the TV-sets.

Booking: +46470-22580, info@hotellesplanad.com or 
through booking.com.

Call the reception when you arrive, the front door is always locked to prevent theft and intruders.

Cancelations must be done before 12.00 the day before arrival. Otherwise there will be a full charge.

Fegens vandrarhem (hostel). 10 percent reduction to registered participants of C2C. That means 180 SEK per person and bed. Additional charge for sheets: 50 SEK. Towels 20 SEK. Breakfast 60 SEK. Sleeping bags are not allowed in the beds.

The hostel is renovated with a beautiful view over the lake and a porch where you can sit and enjoy the sunset. Most rooms have cold water. WC and shower in the corridor. There’s two well equipped kitchens, a porch, balconies upstairs and a possibility to wash your clothes (10 SEK).

Hotell Gästis in Varberg. Here you can get a double for 1445 SEK (13 percent discount) and a single for 1095 SEK (22 percent discount). Prices include breakfast and a buffé at night, VAT included. All rooms have shower, toilet, tv, radio, fridge and internet.

Special offer: Gästis is inviting all C2Cers to have a bath in their Lenin pool!

Last day for booking: May 17. Reference code: 33633

More: Gästis have 15 000 books and a very special theme: socialism. It's smack in the middle of Varberg, 100 meters from the railway station, 300 meter from the sea.

Varbergs vandrarhemOffers a 10 percent reduction. There are a 16 beds free the night between May 31 and June 1: 1 single room, 360 SEK. 1 room with three beds, 720 SEK for the room. 2 rooms with six beds, 1260 SEK per room.

Breakfast 60 SEK (must be pre-booked). No sleeping bags in the beds. Linen and towel: 60 SEK. Cleaning is 100-300 SEK.

Booking: bokning@varbergsvandrarhem.se or +46340 61 16 40
Last day for reservations: April 30th.

On May 25 we arrive at Nydala . Last year they had closed the cafe when we reached it but this year we are being proactive. They know we are coming and that we will probably arrive around lunchtime. You can chose between smoked salmon with potatoes or pork filet with potatoes. Both cost 119 SEK. Bottled beverages (non alcoholic) cost 18 SEK and coffee an extra 10 SEK. They would like to know at least a week before if you want to eat at their place. You can email cc.norrby@gmail.com or call Cecilia at  +46 707-310132

On May 20 at Boda there is another place worth visiting, the Tramps Museum or Hönsalottas Luffarmuseum. We will try make sure that we do not leave any of our tramps behind for display...

Hönsalottas Luffarmuseum also serves a buffet lunch that seems designed for tramps like us. Pickled herring, meatballs, 'lard-strips' (isterband), 'body-cakes' (just joking, it is kroppkakor), bacon and other high caloric dishes that will be the equal of rocket fuel on the trail. Beverages are includes as well as coffee and a cookie, all for 95 SEK. Drop a mail to luffarmuseum@hotmail.com if you want to eat there on May 20.

On May 24 we will pass Broaskog, which is a very nice shop and cafe situated sort of in the middle of nowhere. They have lots of Icelandic horses and receive groups for riding on these. So the coffee shop is not really for stray passers-by (there aren't any...) but they will open for us from 11 am this day. Coffee and icecream and, perhaps, kanelbulle...

All participants in Coast2Coast Sweden will get a 15 percent reduction if they order dinner at Ugglebo Inn in Fegen May 29. There will be two dishes to choose between (more info on that during our hike) and the price will be 100 SEK.
There’s also accommodation at Ugglebo Inn. A 4-bed cabin with an additional sofa bed is 900 SEK. Sheets, towels and coffee in the cabin is included in the price.

One of the nicest night spots along the route last year was N Svänö, a beautiful old farm turned hostel right at the border of Store Mosse National Park.

Like last year the house to the right in the photo above will be open as a shelter when needed. And you can sleep on the wooden floor if you like. No cost.

However you can also get access to a room of your own in the other house. There will be keys kept in a coded box and the code will be available if you book a room right here. Note that the website has a flag you can click for an English or German version.

If you are a member of the Swedish Tourist Association (STF) or any similar organisation in your company affiliated to STF a single room will cost some 300 SEK, part in a double some 200 SEK and a bed 150 SEK.

 At Åkulla (above)  there is also an opportunity to sleep inside. This will be the last night before Varberg. Tenting outside the lodge and using water and toilets will also cost. Camping in the forest some hundred yards away from the lodge is of course free.They have told me that they will stay open if a number of people want to eat there.  You can contact them here. Or we can give them a call a couple of days in advance to let them know how many eaters are coming.

Anne-Sofie hiked her own hike

Coast2Coast Sweden has a trail and suggested camps. But it's up to you how you want to do your hiking.

Last year Anne-Sofie Ölander and Marianne van Ginhoven walked between Kalmar and Varberg in 13 days at maximum pace of 25 kilometers, sleeping mostly under a roof. Here's Anne-Sofies story:

Marianne van Ginhoven and I came in contact through C2C:s home page. Marianne is an experienced hiker and an expert on light packing. 

I had made my mistakes during the last five years and knew my boundaries. 

We decided to walk approximately 25 kilometers per day.
First I sat down and studied the map to find the villages and towns we would pass. I was inexperienced and did not realize that a good map is essential. I  had always walked marked trails beforehand. Then I measured the distances between the places by www.resa-mellan.se.

I spotted the food stores on Eniro and found that there would be at least one every second and third day. Then I looked for hostels on STFVandrarhemskartan and Sveriges Vandrarhem i Förening

Sometimes you can find local hostels on the home page of the different municipalities or ask the local inhabitants. Once I stopped a car and asked for sleeping facilities and the man told us to jump into the car and drove us there.

B&B:s are on internet but are mostly more expensive. Camping places which rent huts are found on www.camping.se.
I studied maps of different pilgrim trails, like Dackeleden, Glasbruksleden, Västra Sigfridsleden, Gislavedsleden and Munkaleden.”
Day 1: Booked a hostel bed in Kalmar on www.hotellsvanen.se

Day 2: We walked the first part to Nybro with the other ones. There are no accommodation in between the two places, but we slept on the floor in the locker room of the local sports center. It was warm. There is also a local hostel in Nybro.

Day 3: There is a B&B in Gullaskruv, info@helleberga.se, 0481-32021 but we used Orrefors hostel, orreforsstugby@gmail.com, 0481-30846. This year the C2C-trail is not passing Orrefors.

Day 4: Kosta was the next stop at the camping, info@glasriketkosta.se, 0478-50517 or 50065. Here's also a food store.

Day 5: We reached Heda lake but after that we went astray and when we finally hit a road we were far from Växjö and hitch-hiked to Hovmantorp (camping: www.gokaskratt.se, 070-8745417), where we took the train to Växjö and met the others in the local hostel. 

Day 6: Next stop at the west side of Danasjön in local hostel Kronobergs hed, info@kronobergshed.com, 0472-40052 or 070-7898808. Stores in Alvesta and Moheda-Vegby.

Day 7: On our way to lake Rusken we had our only night in tents and as I had a bad sleeping-bag I thought I would freeze to death.

Day 8: Next night we rent a hut in Adventure of Småland, 0382-32026, 070-585772, on the east shore of Rusken. This was our most expensive night, 700 or 800 SEK (but very nice beds).

Day 9: Somewhere between Nydala and Klevshult we were offered a lift by a "native woman" and suddenly met the front group on their way to Store Mosse and N.Svänö. We followed them and there was a STF-cottage with a wood burner which was open and where we slept on the floor (cost nothing). There is a similar cottage on the west side of the moor, too.

Day 10: Next day we went to High Chaparral, amusement parc, www.highchaparral.se, 0370-82700, in Hillerstorp and got a nice hut for half the price as it was off season. They had a good lunch restaurant too and there are stores in the village.

Day 11: On our way to Nennesmo we were again offered a lift by an old couple who drove us to Anderstorp where we bought some food and walked the local car road to Nennesmo. We went on from there and spent the night in a local hostel in a sports center. I stopped a car and asked if there was anywhere to sleep and the man kindly drove us there.

Day 12: In Burseryd an elderly man began talking with us when we shopped in the local store and offered us a lift to Sandvik, where the rest of the group would camp.

Day 13: From Sandvik we walked to Fegen where the others slept at the local hostel. www.fegensvandrarhem.com, 0346-61202. 

Day 14: We took the bus from Fegen to Ullared and visited the most famous supermarket in Sweden. From there we walked to Åkulla and rented a hut, www.akulla.eu, 0340-36057.

Day 15: The next day we followed the group to Varberg. We were 12 people, one horse and two dogs who walked through the city in the sunshine. At the beach we were met by the local authorities, a brass orchestra and bubbling wine. It was wonderful.

Marianne and I hiked about 300 of the 400 kilometers of Coast2Coast Sweden. At the end of the hike we could summarize: we got no blisters (the others ha a lot of problems with their feet) and we weren't fatigued. The main reasons for that are that we hiked C2C in a way that suited us; took regular breaks, slept in beds indoors and listened to our feet and bodies. 

You got to hike your own hike. It's not a race, not about performance. It's about enjoying the outdoors in your own pace.

The troublesome day 4

Do you want to be in the front, the middle or in the rear? When we start our hiking towards Växjö day 5 we will settle for the middle ground. But for early risers or hikers who want have a slower pace there are options.

Day 4 we will start from our camp at Grönösjön and walk 22 km to Kvarnsjön (see map), about 10 km west of Kosta. From there it's a 30 km hike to Växjö.

A more scenic camp site that day would be Hedasjön, some 5 km's before Kvarnsjön. There you have a nice lawn to camp on and a small beach by the beautiful lake. But stopping at Hedasjön will give you a 35 km walk to Växjö the next day.

If you want to be sure to get an easier hike to Växjö arrive there earlier we have third option at Norra Klerebohult. From that site it's 27 km to Växjö.

At Kvarnsjön there's a little stream running under a bridge just before our camp. At Norra Klerebohult and Hedasjön there is no water.

Our advice is to fill upp your bottles in Kosta. Hopefully Martin will also be able to provide us with fresh water with the C2C-car (but never count on it!).

C2C Basecamp Stockholm March 27

Since there is a number of us in the Stockholm area it would be nice to meet face to face. So Jonas and I would like to invite anybody that has walked, will walk or would like to walk Coast2Coast Sweden. Plus anybody that just like the idea, but would never dream of walking between Kalmar and Varberg themselves.
To put it bluntly, we just want to have a few beers in good company and will arrange a meeting place in Stockholm next Thursday. We will meet someplace to be determined later at around 6 pm and those who want to eat can do that, those who want to drink can do that and those who are just talkers can do that.
Send an e-mail to info@coast2coastsweden.com if you want to join Basecamp Stockholm. We will choose a suitable place when we see how big the group is, and will let you know beforehand.

C2C 2014 in Google

Hi, there, we now got the C2C route 2014 in Google Maps. That means you can get a rough view were we're going. It also means that you can download a KML-file from Google, convert it to a GPX-file and export it to your GPS (for more information, go here).

Printable maps in scale 1:50 000 will be released soon. They're done, but we have to put them in a Dropbox and start a Paypal account for payment. We're on that task next week.

Visa C2C Kalmar to Varberg 2014 på en större karta

We are basically walking the same trail as last year, but there has been some changes: less asphalt and more trails, shorter distances in the beginning and more camping sites close to lakes. We simply try to stay closer to nature and find a route that is more scenic and less hard on the feet.

As mentioned above we will be offering you pdf-files in A4-format, from the Swedish Mapping Agency (Lantmäteriet). These maps are the original ”Terrängkartan” in scale 1:50 000 and can be downloaded to your computer and then printed the way you prefer.

This package of maps and trail guide will cost 300 Swedish crowns, or 35 Euro.

Back to the roots

We had some exciting plans together with Växjö. Now we have some exciting plans on our own. 

Things doesn't always pan out the way you expect. But sometimes they turn out pretty good – or even better – than the original plan.

Coast2Coast Sweden and television meteorologist Pia Hultgren will NOT be lecturing about health and hiking in Växjö on March 11. 

Unfortunately the original program with Växjö is off this time, due to reasons beyond our control.

But, as you who hiked with us last year know, we are masters of adaption. When things get rough we do what hikers always have done in tricky situations: we sit down, have a cup of coffee and think things over.

This one sure took us a couple of cups but here's our solution:

We WILL have a lecture about health and hiking in Växjö 18.30 March 11, but we will relocate to Outnorth's soon to be opened shop at Willans Park 3 in downtown Växjö. 

Pia will stay at home, but Jörgen will be speaking on the theme carry lighter, walk further”. Outnorth will show some selected gear and, hey, we will even have some kanelbulle for the brave ones.

We hope to fill the shop with employees from Växjö municipality, but if there's enough space others are welcome, too. However, there is a limited number of places so please send an e-mail to info@coast2coastsweden.com if you plan to be there.