Anne-Sofie hiked her own hike

Coast2Coast Sweden has a trail and suggested camps. But it's up to you how you want to do your hiking.

Last year Anne-Sofie Ölander and Marianne van Ginhoven walked between Kalmar and Varberg in 13 days at maximum pace of 25 kilometers, sleeping mostly under a roof. Here's Anne-Sofies story:

Marianne van Ginhoven and I came in contact through C2C:s home page. Marianne is an experienced hiker and an expert on light packing. 

I had made my mistakes during the last five years and knew my boundaries. 

We decided to walk approximately 25 kilometers per day.
First I sat down and studied the map to find the villages and towns we would pass. I was inexperienced and did not realize that a good map is essential. I  had always walked marked trails beforehand. Then I measured the distances between the places by

I spotted the food stores on Eniro and found that there would be at least one every second and third day. Then I looked for hostels on STFVandrarhemskartan and Sveriges Vandrarhem i Förening

Sometimes you can find local hostels on the home page of the different municipalities or ask the local inhabitants. Once I stopped a car and asked for sleeping facilities and the man told us to jump into the car and drove us there.

B&B:s are on internet but are mostly more expensive. Camping places which rent huts are found on
I studied maps of different pilgrim trails, like Dackeleden, Glasbruksleden, Västra Sigfridsleden, Gislavedsleden and Munkaleden.”
Day 1: Booked a hostel bed in Kalmar on

Day 2: We walked the first part to Nybro with the other ones. There are no accommodation in between the two places, but we slept on the floor in the locker room of the local sports center. It was warm. There is also a local hostel in Nybro.

Day 3: There is a B&B in Gullaskruv,, 0481-32021 but we used Orrefors hostel,, 0481-30846. This year the C2C-trail is not passing Orrefors.

Day 4: Kosta was the next stop at the camping,, 0478-50517 or 50065. Here's also a food store.

Day 5: We reached Heda lake but after that we went astray and when we finally hit a road we were far from Växjö and hitch-hiked to Hovmantorp (camping:, 070-8745417), where we took the train to Växjö and met the others in the local hostel. 

Day 6: Next stop at the west side of Danasjön in local hostel Kronobergs hed,, 0472-40052 or 070-7898808. Stores in Alvesta and Moheda-Vegby.

Day 7: On our way to lake Rusken we had our only night in tents and as I had a bad sleeping-bag I thought I would freeze to death.

Day 8: Next night we rent a hut in Adventure of Småland, 0382-32026, 070-585772, on the east shore of Rusken. This was our most expensive night, 700 or 800 SEK (but very nice beds).

Day 9: Somewhere between Nydala and Klevshult we were offered a lift by a "native woman" and suddenly met the front group on their way to Store Mosse and N.Svänö. We followed them and there was a STF-cottage with a wood burner which was open and where we slept on the floor (cost nothing). There is a similar cottage on the west side of the moor, too.

Day 10: Next day we went to High Chaparral, amusement parc,, 0370-82700, in Hillerstorp and got a nice hut for half the price as it was off season. They had a good lunch restaurant too and there are stores in the village.

Day 11: On our way to Nennesmo we were again offered a lift by an old couple who drove us to Anderstorp where we bought some food and walked the local car road to Nennesmo. We went on from there and spent the night in a local hostel in a sports center. I stopped a car and asked if there was anywhere to sleep and the man kindly drove us there.

Day 12: In Burseryd an elderly man began talking with us when we shopped in the local store and offered us a lift to Sandvik, where the rest of the group would camp.

Day 13: From Sandvik we walked to Fegen where the others slept at the local hostel., 0346-61202. 

Day 14: We took the bus from Fegen to Ullared and visited the most famous supermarket in Sweden. From there we walked to Åkulla and rented a hut,, 0340-36057.

Day 15: The next day we followed the group to Varberg. We were 12 people, one horse and two dogs who walked through the city in the sunshine. At the beach we were met by the local authorities, a brass orchestra and bubbling wine. It was wonderful.

Marianne and I hiked about 300 of the 400 kilometers of Coast2Coast Sweden. At the end of the hike we could summarize: we got no blisters (the others ha a lot of problems with their feet) and we weren't fatigued. The main reasons for that are that we hiked C2C in a way that suited us; took regular breaks, slept in beds indoors and listened to our feet and bodies. 

You got to hike your own hike. It's not a race, not about performance. It's about enjoying the outdoors in your own pace.