We're doing the maps now! And a trail description.

Last year we had the route marked in Google Maps. We also recommended people to buy the Biking Map (Cykelkartan, scale 1:90 000). A lot of people asked for more detailed maps and paper maps.

This year we're offering you pdf-files A4-format, from the Swedish Mapping Agency (Lantmäteriet). These maps are the original ”Terrängkartan” in scale 1:50 000 and can be downloaded to your computer and then printed the way you prefer.

The map will have our route marked and also every campsite. Two A4 printouts will cover one day of hiking. You can print on the paper of your choice and also on both sides, should you wish, and then only need one A4 map per day of hiking. 

There will also be a brief trail description/trail guide giving some basic info on the trail, terrain and roads plus some tidbits about the area we are traveling through. Availability of water, lodgings, eating places and stores for resupply will be covered. 

This will be a Word-document that you can change the layout and size of, to fit your own printing preferences it. It can of course also be download into a smartphone or similar device.

This package of maps and trail guide will cost 300 Swedish crowns, or 35 Euro. You will be able to download this from the Internet. 

The reason we're charging you is that Lantmäteriet charges us for publishing the maps. Also Börje, Jörgen and I have – and will – put in a lot of work in this.

We will also publish a free gpx-file of the trail on our homepage shortly, that can be downloaded to your electronic device, should you prefer this to the paper maps.

When everything is ready we will get back with order information.

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