Diploma and T-shirt

We have fixed a diploma and a T-shirt for all who hiked the whole or parts of C2C in May. If you want something fancy for your dining room wall you can order this piece of 225 gram recyclable, low impact diploma. On it will be your name written by hand and the artful autographs of Jonas and Jörgen ;-)

If you want something fancy for you chest, you can order a T-shirt with our famous “flag” printed on it. This will be a white wicking polyester super shirt, not a soggy cotton one. Please note that contrary to earlier information, this T-shirt will be available for everybody, without restrictions.

We offer the diploma and the T-shirt at self cost. Small series get expensive enough anyway.

We have also realized that we do not need the COD (postförskott) solution. We have found out it costs an awful lot. Instead you can pay us via PayPal and we will send you the diploma and T-shirt.

1 diploma will cost 25 SEK or 3 Euro.
1 T-shirt will cost 325 SEK or 37 Euro.

You pay this money into the Paypal account Jorgen@landja.se (www.paypal.com) and add info about your postal address and the size T-shirt you wish for and we will send you these items. It might take a while before you get the T-shirts, since we have to wait for all orders before we order them printed. That is the only way to keep the price down on a small series like this.

Those of you who have already ordered need not repeat their sizes and postal address on PayPal. You just have to pay :-)
 If you cannot use PayPal send an e-mail  to jorgen.johansson@nui.se and we will find a solution.


Did you hike the whole or parts of Coast2Coast Sweden this last May. Well, here's a little something for you! 

If you want something fancy on the wall to show for your effort you can order this piece of 225 gram recyclable, low impact diploma.

You will get your name written by hand AND our autographs.

Just send 25 kronor or 3 euro to Jorgen's Paypal account (jorgen@landja.se) and we'll mail it to you via snail mail.

We got a date!

The date is set for Coast 2 Coast Sweden 2014: we'll start our hike in Kalmar May 17 and finish in Varberg May 31.

With this setup seven of the 15 hiking days are holidays. Ascension Day, this year in the end of May, will minimize the loss of working days for the through hikers and give more people a chance to join at least a part of the way. 

A later start will hopefully also bring even warmer days (and nights!) to the hikers.
Happy through hikers at the end of C2C in Varberg.
With 15 days (two more than this year) we got more days to finish the 440 km walk. That also means we will have shorter distances in the beginning and a couple of shorter sections in the middle.

But we will still have some harder sections during the hike. There will definitely be days when we walk around 35 km.

That's because we want to keep some of the hardships and challenges. C2C will never be a walk in the park. But if you think a section is too long and strenuous you can always pitch your tent along the way or hitch a ride to the end of the section.

Our motto is still: There are no rules. Hike your own hike.