Finally on the other side of the world

Our friend and fellow C2C-hiker Johanna Straub has now reached New Zeeland. 

After a few days of visiting friends and preparing the last details for her 4-5 month hike she's probably on her way up Cape Reinga when you read this. We had a brief chat last night. Here's a report:

What you've been up to since you arrived?

”I have some family here in NZ from my stay in 86/87 being an exchange student for a year, so we had a lot to catch up on.”

”There was some organizing to do as well, like getting a hut pass from the DOC, a prepaid phone card and just as much food as I want to carry.”

”Recovering from the journey has also been an issue, it took me a couple of days to feel like myself again.”

How will you get to the start and where is it?
”There are buses as far up north as Kaitaia. From there you can either hitchhike up to Cape Reinga or book on a tourist tour along Ninety Miles Beach and ditch the way back. I will try my luck when I get there in the afternoon.”

”Arriving there in the evening would be ideal, it is a special place, and spending a night there before taking on the three day beach walk would be a perfect start. Anyway, I will take it as it comes, I am ready to go - or tramp, as they say here.”

How will you navigate? Maps, GPS?

”Te Araroa trust has a great website where you can download information which is updated on a regular base  - including trail notes and maps. I printed out the maps, sixty pages, color, double sides, and use those plus the phone as GPS.”

The 3000 km Te Araroa-trail will take Johanna from Cape Reinga in the North to Bluff in the South. The trail consists of many existing trails that have been knitted together to one long Mother of Trails.

The national trail officially opened December 3rd 2011 and is now a major challenge for people who want to try a 4-5 month walk.