This is the C2C-trail 2015 revised

The dates are May 14-27. We will get together for a pre-hike party and hopefully some other events on Wednesday May 13 and start the hike Thursday morning May 14 at 08.00 by the southwest corner of the castle in Kalmar.

It's basically the same trail as previous years, but there has been some changes compared to 2013: less asphalt and more trails, shorter distances in the beginning and more camping sites close to lakes. We simply try to stay closer to nature and find a route that is more scenic and less hard on the feet.

The first day we're walking to Brändebomåla for the first nights camp.

Around the fire at Brändebomåla 2014
The next day we continue to Örsjö and then Grönösjön. That means fairly short days (and three great camping sites). Along the way to Växjö we will pass Hedasjön, we're we slept this May, and stop 5 km further down the trail at North Klerebohult.

In 2015 we will not pass straight through the center of Växjö, instead we will camp at Evedal, by lake Helgasjön. There is a restaurant and a hostel as well. Another new camp will be at Hössjön, outside of Moheda.

This year we will camp by Lake Kalvsjön, close to Lake Rusken and then move on to one of last years nicest camps, by Märkesbron on the Monk Trail.

Lake Borlången, just north of Smålandsstenar, has a beautiful beach/lawn by the lake where we will camp night 11. Last year the lawn was full of tents and not only that, a sauna as well.

From there we move along to Fegen and the nice hostel and will camp for the last night at Lake Asjön, close to Åkulla. This last one is also a new camp some kilometers away from the lodge at Åkulla. Then we push into Varberg and will meet the western sea by the mighty fortress.

Coast2Coast is about doing your own hike, in your own way. Join where you want, leave where you want. We give you a rough planning, but you make the final decisions. It is your hike and your experience that counts. If you think 30 km's is too long in one day - stop somewhere on the way and catch up with rest of us next day, by bus or some other transport.


Anonymous said...

Great, looking forward to the 36 km stage. Just hope we have time to shop at Ullared.
Also, I really like your writing. The last paragraph is like beautiful poetry. I´d buy the t-shirt any day. / Tomas O

Jörgen Johansson said...

Thanks Tomas. And there is always time to shop in Ullared, it is just a question of priorities ;-)

Anonymous said...

Could it be possible to publish a map with all the suggested camp places on this site????? Would be very nice, but I don't know whether that wil be possible. Marianne

Jonas Hållén said...

Good idea! I will talk with Jörgen about it.

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