Johanna's taking on New Zealand

What an adventure! Our friend Johanna Straub is now leaving Berlin to hike the full length of New Zealand. 

Johanna outside her Trailstar on C2C, May 2013
The 3000 km Te Araroa-trail will take her from Cape Reinga in the North to Bluff in the South. Te Araroa consists of many existing trails that have been knitted together to one long Mother of Trails.

The national trail officially opened December 3rd 2011 and is now a major challenge for people who want to try a 4-5 month walk through everything that this world can offer (except snakes, thankfully;-)

I mailed some questions to Johanna days before she was leaving:

Are you finished with your packing?

”Still working on that, some minor decisions are yet to be made. I am also going to have a bounce box, so that gives me the chance to experiment a bit and swap gear when it does not work and get rid of stuff I don't in changing conditions.”

”I expect the total weight will be around 6,5 kg without food and water.”

What has been the hardest part in the planning?

”The hard part is not planning the trail and getting the gear, that is fun and already part of the trip. The hard part is preparing for leaving, ten thousand things to be thought of, organized in advance, delegated, solved. Not one big thing, many little things, that's what makes it hard, because it never ends. All the things which matter here and now and won't matter there and then. Can't wait to go.”

What's left to do before you leave? 

”I am still weighing. And my Oookstar made by Sean who has not let me down for the third time now is still in the mail. I hope UPS won't let me down either. In case they do I am going to take a Jörgenstar which I have been told also wants to travel to the south badly.”

Here's Johanna's pack list:

Laufbursche huckePack
MLD Trailstar Nest
Enlightened Equipment Prodigy 20 Quilt
Neoair XLite women (the flowerprint is hardly visible, fortunately)
Solarmonkey Adventurer
Bushbuddy and Gnat stove
Evernew 900  
Zpacks Rainponcho
Zpacks Rainskirt
Paper and a pen
And an imaginary Mammuth to keep me company (this does not count on the scale)

Note: Jörgstar is Jörgen's home-sewn one person nest for Trailstar.