Trail Angels of C2C

They come in many forms and shapes, but always provide hikers with help and relief. We met some world class Trail Angels along the way from Kalmar to Varberg. 

It can be someone who gives you water when you're thirsty, lets you camp in their garden or invites you for a cup of coffee.

Along trails like the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail in USA there are hundreds of kind spirits who support hikers with drinks, food, a place to stay over the night, internet access or laundry service.

Coast2Coast Sweden is a brand new trail, but just a few days into the hike we got our own Angels who helped us through the long hours on the trail.

Here's the class of 2013. Hope to meet you next year;-)

Bengt at Grimeton's Lantmännen, who invited us for coffee and gave Allan some horse candy.

Anette, owner of Ugglebo Inn in Fegen, had closed her restaurant, but she and her son Marcus opened again - just for us!

Gunilla at ICA Danielsson in Burseryd provided us with water, electricity and phoned restaurant Buregården so we could have a real morning fika even though Buregården wasn't open yet.

Elisabeth Pettersson brought water, apples and a bag of kanelbulle to our wind shelter at Eskilstorpasjön.

Section hikers Monica Håkansson and Ann-Margret Carlsson went ahead to Furuby, got the church to open the congreation hall and made it into a depot for hungry fellow hikers.

Irene Hildingsson and Ing-Marie Lövgren brought 50 liters of water to our camp at Hedsjön.

Martin Johansson (left) tranformed himself from ultraheavy hiker to ultraimportant support guy. He drove Görans’s horse trailer, provided us with food, candy and beaverages. He also set upp depots where the hikers could eat eggs, caviar, Ballerina bisquits, bread, kanelbulle and coffee. One night he even got us cheese cake.

Malevil Ljunggren, Michael and Martin Sanell built a mobile sauna, arranged a barbeque and made sure that the party was on. Martin (in the middle) even opened up his home in Nennesmo and turned it into a resupply station for the hikers.

Fredrik Broman and his media team Petri Storlöpare and Pär Kassberg showed up here and there with good mood, cameras and electricity in the car battery.

Frau Röser in Järnboda gave Fia & Marianne coffee, kanelbulle and a ride down the trail.

…and a special horse thanks to:

Mona, Julia (picture), Dennis, Martin, Eero och Varberg municipality for helping Göran and Allan with the trailer along the way. Also the equestrian clubs in Kalmar, Växjö, Värnamo och Vetlanda that provided a place in their stables with short notice.

…last, but not least: a big hug to Outnorth for supporting us, Market Varberg for the welcome in Varberg and Fästningens Vandrarhem for the discount.

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