This years highlights

Every trail has its stars. It doesn't necessarily have to be the ones that walk fastest or longest. It might just as well be the ones that win the food competitions, make the funniest pranks or just excel in being themselves. Here's out list of some people, animals, things and actions that made a deep impression on us this year.

The group: A great gang to get sore feet and blisters together with!

Greatest innovation: Ultralight mobile sauna by Malevil Ljunggren and the Sanell brothers.

Most talked about tent: Johanna Straub’s Trailstar tarp with innertent from Oookworks. Made of cuben/mesh with chikara floor.

Heaviest pack: Martin Johansson, 25 kg, including a carpet (2 kilos), not including the cheese.

Biggest misstep: Poul Kjeldgaard sank down to his thigh in the bog Store Mosse.

Lightweight breakthrough: Ulla Engberg skipped her 40 year old 2,7 kilo Fjällräven tent and bought a ordinary tarpaulin from Plastman i Västberga. Weight: 400 g. She also made a stove from a kidney bean can (and put a Trangia burner inside).

Most talked about food: Kanelbulle!

Yogier of the year 1: Martin Johansson, who first politely declined a ride with a female stranger, but later ended up at her home for dinner, shower and breakfast. 

Yogier of the year 2: Ann-Sofie Ölander and Marianne van Ginhoven got Frau Röser in Järnboda to give them coffee, kanelbulle and a ride. Frau Röser had politely declined the yoging of other hikers just an hour earlier!

Keenest hiker: Ulla Engberg, who took a round trip around Trälsmo and saw the same street sign three times. With the detour she added at least 3 km to a day when we walked 37,4 km. Some just can't get enough…;-)

Fashion statement 1: Marianne’s cuben fibre fetish. From mittens to tent...and everything in-between. 

Fashion statement 2: Kristian Ingemansson showed off this year's bivy bag.

Best piece of advice: ”Always prewash your dirty socks before putting them in the machine” (Carsten Jost).

Media star: Allan kept the reporters busy. Now he's going to be featured in a Swedish horse magazine.

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