Registration for the buffet at Söderport

If you want to join us for the buffet at Söderport the night before Coast2Coast we want you to register, so the restaurant owner knows how many guests he will have. 

Registrating for the dinner is simple: go to the "Register here" on the homepage (where you registrated for the hike in the first place). Write your name and e-mail adress and instead of country, fill in the word "buffet".

We want your registration May 3rd the latest. The registration is binding. If you are uncertain, do not register. You can always buy food and drink if you decide to join, but we do not want to be forced to pay for people who never showed up.

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Anonymous said...

Marianne likes to have Jörgens telephonenumber and will call him when we arrive in Varberg on Sunday. +31628259298. Please send her an SMS.

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