Many ways to connect...

As you all know there are plenty of ways to connect with each other during C2C: mail, Twitter, Facebook - or the old fashion way of making a telephone call.

But we will also try global positioning to keep track of each other. Starting soon I will send invitations to all registrated hikers to join our C2C-account on Google Latitude. You will get a mail where everybody's mail adress is attached.

To use Latitude  you will need a Google-account. Before someone can view your location you must either send the person a location request by adding them as a friend or accept their location request and choose to share back your location.

From there, either on a computer or in an app, you can follow your friends movements in real time.

This means that you will be trackable by everybody you have connected with. But you can log out, or turn on your privacy setting if you want to have some time ”alone”. After C2C you can throw away the app, if you want to.

With Latitude you will also be able to send instant messages to each other.

Other ways to keep track of your fellow hikers:

  • Twitter - coast2coastsw (if you tag your tweet #c2cswe we will get a channel, which makes it easier to find our tweets and subscribe to them).
  • Facebook - Coast to Coast Sweden
  • Homepage -
Soon to come: an Instagram account. It will have the same name as our Twitter account (coast2costsw). More details about that to follow.

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