Day 10 at Nennesmo - depot and fika

Day 10 we will pass Nennesmo, close to Anderstorp and Gislaved. There will be a place where you can pick up a resupply box at any hour. If you have a box that you want to send to Nennesmo, use this adress:

Malevil Ljunggren
Östergatan 25
33431 Anderstorp

Any questions, call Malevil:
004670-587 48 90

There are four different ways to send the packets: you can use the regular postal service (expensive), Bussgods (, the cheapest way, but quite a lot of information to fill in), Schenker or DHL.

At the depot there will also be water, electricity, coffee, BBQ (including something to lay on it) and a beer for those who desire it. The depot might be unmanned from time to time, so please help yourself.

There will also be a can where you can make a small donation to the local trail angels.

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