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During Coast to Coast Sweden the participants will be spread out along the trail. Some will walk by themselves or maybe in pairs, others will do the their hike in small groups.

We've already had questions from people that want to know how they can communicate with the other participants, regarding for example when and where to camp for the night. Others want to walk a part of the trail and want to know when other hikers will pass a certain point or municipality.

If you meet before the the hike or communicate with each other via for example Facebook, you can exchange phone numbers and e-mail addresses and keep track on each other that way. 

Also, we will have a channel on our Twitter account were we will update before, during and after the hike. Just remember to use the hashtag #c2cswe and you will get all the relevant updates in the same feed.

The waypoints for our route. 
But we are also exploring the possibility to use a location-aware mobile app, so we can keep track at each others movements in real time.

At the moment we're evaluating Google Latitude, a free app that allows a mobile phone user to view their current location. Via their own Google account the user's cell phone location is mapped in Google Maps.

To be able to use this service you have to download the app and create a Google account. We would then send an invitation through mail to everyone who has registered on our home page.

Once you accept our invitation your position would be known to everybody who has accepted our invitation. They would see your movement through Google Maps and would be able to contact you through the app.

Latitude is a mobile app, but it's also possible to upload the information to a homepage. Then it would be seen by anyone who visits that page. We haven't decided yet if we would put that information on our home page.

After Coast to Coast Sweden, we would erase all the participants from our network, to protect your privacy.

Please feel free to join a discussion about the possibility of using location-aware software during C2C.

Read more about Latitude here.

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