Kalmar to Växjö

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Updated: now there might actually be a route showing on the map. Thanks, Marianne.

Here's our updated map. As you can see Börje Jacobsson has marked some possible stops for the night, taken from Jörgen Johansson's preliminary plan of the hike. Börje has also marked the sections of the trail in different colors.

There's two different options when we leave Nybro:

One that follows Dackeleden (the Dacke Trail) from Nybro to Stora Gangsmad and Flerohopp, then turns west and follows Glasbruksleden (the Glassworks Trail) to Orrefors. There we join the old railway and walk the embankment to Målerås.

The other passage turns more sharply west after Nybro and passes Östra Bondetorp (East Bondetorp), Östra Resebo (East Resebo) and Mellan-Resebo before joining the railway embankment to Målerås.

Both trails are about the same distance, the one south is more sparsely populated, while the one north follows established trails and passes more villages.

Börje will take a closer look at them when the weather gets better, but - as we have mentioned before - this is an unplugged event and you are free to choose your own way.


MARIANNE said...

When I click on VISSA STORRE KARTE it says : can't find the file or check the url. Moreover there is no route on the map. Is this a problem from my computer or is there something wrong?

Jonas Hållén said...

@Marianne: seems you're right. I'm going to delete the map tomorrow and then we´ll try again.

MARIANNE said...

Is there any possibility to give distances of the various parts of the route, so I can estimate how far I can walk, because my daily kilometres won't be much more than 25 or so. Thanks again.

Jörgen Johansson said...

Yes, there will be info on the distances along the route to enable everyone to calculate approximate daily mileages base on individual speed. Börje, Jonas and Martin are working on the Google maps but are having some technical problems right now. We'll be back :-)

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