How to transfer Google's KML-files to standard GPX files

Thanks to Martin Nordesjö who has put together this step-by-step guide on how to transfer map files from Google to GPS-devices:

Google Maps use their own KML files to save routes and points. Viewranger uses standard GPX files. Luckily it's very easy to save Google's KML files and convert them to GPX files that you can use in Viewranger on top of whatever map you use.

I have only tried this on an Iphone, but it should be almost the same if you use Android.

1. Download and convert the Google Maps KML file:

- Open the Google map in your computer's web browser
- Press the "KML" link and save the file on your computer.
-  Convert the KML to a GPX file and save it, using for example the simple
and free converter at

Naturally, it's easier if someone publishes the GPX files on the C2C site when the maps are done, so that fewer have to bother with the conversion.

2. Export the GPX to the Viewranger app.

This can be done in a number of ways, so just pick the one that makes sense for you. Personally I prefer the Dropbox method, but the Itunes method is probably best suited for most people.

(Note: this might be different in the latest Itunes versions, I haven't
updated yet)
- Connect your Phone to your computer
- In Itunes, click on your phone and then select "Apps" on the menu.
- Scroll down to the File Sharing area.
- Klick Viewranger, and then simply drag and drop your GPX file to the
documents area to the right (or use the "Add..." button if you are not the
dragging and dropping type).
- Open Viewranger on your phone and select Import/Export > Documents
- Select your GPX file and select which parts to import.

- First make sure the phone and computer are on the same wifi network.
- In the Viewranger app, select Import/Export and activate "Wifi file
access". You will get a local web address looking something like this:
- On your computer, enter that local web address in a web browser. This will give you a simple web page.
- Under "Upload map or gpx file", klick on "Select file", find your GPX file
and press "Upload".
- Go back to your phone and confirm the transfer.

-  In the Viewranger app, select Import/Export and click "Log in" on the
Dropbox button.
- Log in and allow Viewranger to get access to your Dropbox.
- This creates a folder in your Dropbox, called Apps/ViewRanger
- On your computer, copy the GPX file to the Dropbox/Apps/ViewRanger folder.
- In the ViewRanger app, again go to Import/Export > Dropbox, and select the GPX file that should be visible there now.
- Select "Download and import" and confirm the download.

3. Open the map
- Go to "Map" in Viewranger, and the routes, tracks and points from Google map should be visible. That's it!

PS. This can also be reversed, if you want to track your trip with the Viewranger app and make a Google map of it. But that's another story. 

PS 2 When we tried to convert the route from Kalmar to Kosta the iTunes option worked best.

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