Map and route part 1 Kalmar-Nybro February 15

This is the first part of our detailed route planning. The details in this route and map will likely change up to kick-off on 5 May. The date in the header will change when changes are made.
As the work progresses more and more details will be added, with help from our friends that live along the intended route. So please enter the map below and start skating around. Feedback to

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Marianne van Ginhoven said...

Looks good and I am looking forward to the hike. Would it be possible to put in the distances between the various points and perhaps a camp site here and there?
Thanks for the good work.
Kind regards, Marianne

Jörgen Johansson said...

Yes, will add that sort of information by and by. There is a camp site near the lake in the town of Nybro, probably some hotel as well. I think that there will be a sprinkling of these amenities along the route, but it will probably be difficult to rely on them for every night. Personally, I will plan to sleep outside every night and take anything else as a bonus :-)

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