Important: You do not have to walk the whole distance Kalmar-Varberg to join

Important notice: We feel it is necessary to stress the fact that you do not have to commit yourself to the whole distance Kalmar-Varberg to take part in C2C Sweden. We already have a number of people registered that will do part of the walk. Please help us spread this word around among friends (and enemies...).

One of the most important reasons for starting this project (apart from taking a really long walk in the midst of spring..) is that we like to encourage more people to find out how nice it is to go on shorter or longer hikes. And that almost anyone can do it.

We want to lower the threshold for those who have never done anything like this. We want to encourage people along the way to join us for an hour or a day. Why not hike from one end of your commune to another? Or walk across Store Mosse National Park? Or bring your buddies from the local football team, orienteering club or those working in the same company as yourself.

The way we see it there will be a hard core of thru-hikers that will supply the backbone for different activities by communitys and organisations along the route. My guess is that there will not be more than 30 or so doing the whole distance. There is room for many more to tag along for a while.

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