What is Coast to Coast Sweden?

Starting May 5 2013 we will walk some 330 kilometers across southern Sweden, from Kalmar Castle in the east to Varberg Fortress in the west. 

We are inspired by walks like the TGO Challenge across Scotland, and Fjällräven Classic in the Lapland mountains of Sweden. Coast to coast, or Castle to Castle, will mean a long walk through a forested area.

It’s an ‘unplugged’ event. No fee or arrangements along the way. We will start from the castle in Kalmar 0800 hours on Sunday May 5, and we’d love to have company if you are crazy enough. If you want to ride a bike and/or sleep in hotels, hostels or B&B along the way, you’re welcome (if you can find any…).

The starting point in Kalmar will be easily accessible for all you hikers in southern Sweden, Denmark, northern Germany and Poland and so will the goal in Varberg, both towns with good communications.

We will try to use existing trails as much as possible and connect these with routes along paths and small roads. We will try to move through wild and beautiful areas as much as possible and stay off asphalt. I am sure that we will need help with this and would appreciate help from people with a local knowledge.

Please join our group and support us by participating and spreading the word among friends who might be interested. You will also find information on Facebook, our group is called Coast to Coast Sweden. There you will find some background and a number of likeminded individuals. However, as the planning progresses you will find the most accurate and up-to-date information on this webpage.

/Jörgen Johansson and Jonas Hållén/

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