What is Coast to Coast Sweden?

Starting May 5 2013 we will walk some 330 kilometers across southern Sweden, from Kalmar Castle in the east to Varberg Fortress in the west. 

We are inspired by walks like the TGO Challenge across Scotland, and Fjällräven Classic in the Lapland mountains of Sweden. Coast to coast, or Castle to Castle, will mean a long walk through a forested area.

It’s an ‘unplugged’ event. No fee or arrangements along the way. We will start from the castle in Kalmar 0800 hours on Sunday May 5, and we’d love to have company if you are crazy enough. If you want to ride a bike and/or sleep in hotels, hostels or B&B along the way, you’re welcome (if you can find any…).

The starting point in Kalmar will be easily accessible for all you hikers in southern Sweden, Denmark, northern Germany and Poland and so will the goal in Varberg, both towns with good communications.

We will try to use existing trails as much as possible and connect these with routes along paths and small roads. We will try to move through wild and beautiful areas as much as possible and stay off asphalt. I am sure that we will need help with this and would appreciate help from people with a local knowledge.

Please join our group and support us by participating and spreading the word among friends who might be interested. You will also find information on Facebook, our group is called Coast to Coast Sweden. There you will find some background and a number of likeminded individuals. However, as the planning progresses you will find the most accurate and up-to-date information on this webpage.

/Jörgen Johansson and Jonas Hållén/

Press release about Coast2Coast Sweden

Stockholm, 11th January PRESS RELEASE
 From coast to coast – may the adventure begin!

It all started with a trek along the King’s Trail in August 2012. Jörgen Johansson and Jonas Hållén had met in the bar the previous evening and decided to keep each other company for a stretch along the Fjällräven Classic. Several miles and many hours of conversation later, the idea of a coast to coast trek across southern Sweden had taken shape.

 “We wanted to create something more like a hike than the usual mountain trek,” says Jörgen Johansson, who has been trekking in the mountains for many years and has written several books on lightweight backpacking.

 This coming spring will see the first Coast to Coast Sweden event. It will start at Kalmar Castle at 08:00 on Sunday 5th May, 2013, and finish at Varberg Fortress about 10 days later. The whole hike is 330 kilometres long and will probably pass through Växjö and Värnamo, but the exact route has yet to be finalised.

 “But we are going unplugged, without any fixed ideas. Anybody can join for any stretch at any point,” says freelance journalist Jonas Hallén, who writes about the outdoor life and renewable energy. “Many will probably choose to join us for about a third of the Coast to Coast route,” he adds. “That’s doable in 3-4 days. But we also think that this could be an opportunity to walk through your home county and see it with new eyes. And maybe even explore it with your children.”

 Coast to Coast Sweden (C2C Sweden) was inspired by its Scottish equivalent – the TGO Challenge, a walk just shy of 300 km across the Scottish Highlands, from the west coast to the east coast. Just like the TGO, the C2C is free to participants, keeping the checks and rules to the bare minimum.

 “We shall only mark a few obligatory waypoints on the map. How you get from one to the next is up to you, as long as you go on foot. You can sleep rough, in a tent, or in a youth hostel or hotel,” says Jörgen Johansson. “Right now we need to get in touch with people who are familiar with local trails and areas of natural beauty that we can plan into our route. All you need to do is join our Facebook group Coast to Coast Sweden.”

As well as a love of trekking and creating his own adventures, Jörgen has some personal reasons for choosing the route between Kalmar and Värnamo: “My father always said that he would like to be a tramp after he retired and become a rover; wandering along country roads, doing some casual work on farms in return for food and shelter.

The problem was that times and people change, and when my father did eventually retire, there was no longer any need for casual farming labour. His health had also deteriorated and he could no longer do physical work or go hiking. So my advice to anyone with wanderlust is: Go for it, don’t wait! Wandering as a free spirit along a forest trail or a small path with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair is something you should try before it’s too late.”

Travel to and from C2C

Kalmar and Varberg both have fairly good communications via air and train. Here are some basic suggestions and some links for our foreign participants.
Via air:
There is an airport in Kalmar with regular flights to and from Stockholm. Info at www.kalmarflyg.se.
There is another airport in Växjö, close to Kalmar with regular flights to and from Stockholm and Amsterdam. Last years flight with Ryan Air from Dusseldorf will unfortunately not be available after March 28 2014. Info at www.vxo-airport.se/.
Via train:
The train station in Kalmar has regular connections with southern Sweden, like Malmö, western Sweden like Gothenburg and Stockholm. Info at www.sj.se.
Via bus:
Regular bus transport from most major (and many minor) cities in southern Sweden. Info at http://www.swebus.se/

Via air:
The Gothenburg airport Landvetter is only about 80 kilometers from Varberg. Train to Gothenburg and bus to the airport. Landvetter services many major cities. Info at www.swedavia.se/landvetter.
Via train:
Varberg is on a main raiway line along the coast with frequent trains to points north, like Gothenburg, and south, like Malmö/Copenhagen.
Via bus:
Regular bus transports going north and south along the coast (E6), to Gothenburg and Malmö/Copenhagen. Also transports going east to Värnamo, Växjö and Gothenburg.

If you fly in from a country outside Sweden your best choice is probably a return ticket to either Malmö/Sturup och Gothenburg/Landvetter, and then on by train and/or bus to Kalmar and from Varberg.

Prelimnary route Kalmar-Varberg

We are currently working on the details of this route and some changes have already been made.